Islamic Renewal and Its Fundamental Dynamics According to Mohammed Abduh


Abdullah ALPEREN, Dr. Öğt. Üye.
Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart Universitesi
ORCID: 0000-0002-9588-005X

Citation/©: Alperen, A. (2021). Muhammed Abduh’a Göre İslami Yenileşme ve Temel Dinamikleri. Theosophia, 2, 27-50.

DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.5021198


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Mohammed Abduh, a student and close colleague of Jamaleddin Afghani, is one of the pioneers of modern Islamic thought in Egypt. He lived in a turbulent period when the Islamic world was lagging in all respects. He emphasized on what the reasons that caused Muslims to be underdeveloped and related solutions are, and what kind of attitude and behavior Muslims should have against the negative effects of the Western world. Modern era which is one of the important characteristics that distinguishes the renewal movements from the movements of novatio, revitalization, and reform happened in the previous period, was not only to find solutions to the internal problems of the Islamic world, but also it was to be able to withstand problems and challenges coming from the Western world. Like other scholars of this period, Mohammed Abduh also was seeking for remedies to save Muslims from their straiıts. First, how could the collapse be stopped and  how could the progress be achieved? Abduh aimed to overcome the problems with prescriptions such as the elimination of Islam from bid'ah and superstition, living like the Muslims who lived in the era of the prophet, reform in the education and the Islamic Union. He thought that a revolution in the spiritual and mental worlds of the Muslims would bring along material development. Muhammed Abduh is one of the important scholars who influenced Ottoman-Turkish thought with his works and ideas.

Keywords: Muhammed Abduh, Religion, Tecdit, Revitalization, Modernization, Islamic Union

Muhammed Abduh’a Göre İslami Yenileşme ve Temel Dinamikleri