The Cases that Remove Ignorance from Râwî


İbrahim GÖKÇE, Dr. 
Presidency of Religious Affairs
ORCID: 0000-0002-0434-763X

Citation/©: Gökçe, İ. (2021). Râvîden Cehalet Vasfını Kaldıran Durumlar. Theosophia, 2, 51-66.

DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.5021212


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Muhaddiths paid attention to the protection of hadiths. They made efforts to identify the matters that affect the protection of the hadiths. One of the issues that they see as a threat to the protection of hadiths is the inability to obtain information about the identity and justice of the râwîs. Muhaddiths who consider the unknown râwîs as an obstacle to the authenticity of the hadiths also investigated the reasons removing ignorance from the narrators and expressed their opinions on this issue. Beacause, the authenticity of the hadiths depends largely on the reliability and dhabt of the râwîs The hadith scholars who care about and prioritize the narrations of righteous râwîs initially needed credentials in order to determine their justice. For this reason, they discussed the factors removing ignorance, such as the reputation of râwîs, whether they were considered as reliable by hadith scholars, and if they had many narrators or not.

Keywords: Hadith, Râwî, Narration, Unknown, Sika.

Râvîden Cehalet Vasfını Kaldıran Durumlar