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Instructions for Authors

Theosophia is a peer-reviewed academic journal where Turkish, English, German and Arabic articles published semi-annually. In order for the articles sent for evaluation to be accepted, it is required that they have not been published before. Submitted articles are first reviewed by the editorial board. If an article meets the necessary conditions in terms of content and form, the reviewers then subject the article to review for its suitability for publication. All articles are evaluated by two reviewers and sent to a third reviewer if deemed necessary. The publication of an article depends on the approval of the reviewers. The authors are responsible for making the necessary corrections requested by the reviewers.

Generally, paperes submitted should be in the following format:

  • Articles should be at least 5000 and at most 10000 words.

  • Manuscripts should be left aligned in MS Word processor with normal margins, 12 point Times New Roman font and 1.5 line spacing.

  • Tables, figures, pictures and charts should be in size appropriate for the journal's page. If necessary, they can be written in smaller fonts and single line spacing.

  • Tables and figures should be numbered sequentially according to their appearance in your article. Footnotes of the tables should be placed just below the table body and indicated with descriptive letters in lowercase letters. Using vertical rulers should be avoided. As few tables as possible should be used, and care should be taken that the data presented in the tables do not match the results already stated elsewhere in the article.

  • The title of the article should be at the beginning of the text, and the name of the author / authors, ORCID number, title, e-mail address and telephone number under the title. Phone numbers will not be added to the text during the typesetting phase.


The study should include the following parts:

  • A title and a 150-250 word summary containing 5-8 keywords.

  • An English title for Turkish, Arabic or German articles and a 150-250 word English summary with 5-8 keywords.

  • The format used by Theosophia for referencing is ISNAD Citation System Version 2. 


For the first step of the publication phase, articles should be submit via form. Immediately after submission, a confirmation message will be sent to the author that the article has been submitted. If you do not receive this message, please contact us via e-mail at .
Theosophia does not charge any submission or publication fees from authors.​

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